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Safar Taxi is the best cab service in Nagpur which provides taxi services at an affordable price. We provide cab services across Nagpur and outstation also. You can book a cab from anywhere in the city with just one click. We provide taxi services for all kinds of events like airport transfers, travel, family functions, etc.

Safar Taxi Provides the best transportation services at a very reasonable price. We are a unique company which has been created for the people who want to travel in any city and on their own terms without having to face any difficulties.

One of the most important parts of traveling is to be comfortable. However, one thing that often brings discomfort is the experience with taxis. Safar Taxi’s aim is to transform this experience by ensuring safety and comfort for you in every ride. The best part? We make sure your car is professionally cleaned after every trip, making it odor-free!


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Contemplating renting a vehicle for your next trip yet not certain where to begin? It makes perfect sense to us.


We also Provide Driver's as you needed for your own car With Instant Driver Booking In Nagpur.


One can book outstation taxis for short term visits or in any event, for a couple of hours or days, as the requirements may be.


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At such affordable rates, safar taxis are really up to the mark and do not compromise on the quality of the services they provide.
Neha Chanda

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Contemplating renting a vehicle for your next trip yet not certain where to begin? Book an outstation cab today with us. 

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